Provincial Reintegration Worker

The main goal of the program is to empower women on their journey towards a positive and productive lifestyle. To fulfill this objective the Provincial Reintegration Worker assists the women in attaining the necessary tools and coping skills to live successfully in their communities. The Provincial Reintegration Worker performs the following tasks, but is not limited to:
  • Complete intake of information for each woman requesting services
  • Assist in the development of a prerelease plan
  • Counsel provincial women on a weekly basis
  • Liaise with staff
  • Advocate on an individual or group basis for women incarcerated
  • Meet with Unit Administration to address ongoing concerns
  • Document all visit information (number of women on unit and in court, issues)
  • Provide relevant information to women in conflict with the law

Provincial Prison

Prisoners within provincial prisons have been sentenced to less than two years incarceration. The Women's Correctional Centre, located in Headingley, Manitoba, is the only provincial prison which houses women. It is located at 31 Routledge Avenue in Headingley. There are 193 beds for women within this prison (25 of which have been designated for federally sentenced women; serving longer than two-year sentences). 

The Women's Correctional Centre is a
non-smoking facility and this policy includes time spent outside on the prison grounds.

Most of the women at provincial prison have committed theft, fraud, or drug related offences. Some women may be placed here on remand waiting for trial or sentencing. Suspension of parole is another reason women may be sent to the Women's Correctional Centre while waiting to be transferred back to a federal institution.

Federal Prison

Individuals sentenced to more than two years incarceration will serve their sentence at a federal prison. Federally sentenced women must serve two-thirds of their sentence before they are able to apply for release. In general, women who have been given a federal sentence in the Prairie Provinces go to Edmonton Institution for Women or Okimaw Ohci Healing Lodge. There are no male prisoners at Edmonton Institution for Women or at Okimaw Ohci Healing Lodge. However, there are male staff members.

Okimaw Ohci Healing Lodge opened in 1995 and was built to house 25 women. However, the numbers of women sentenced to federal time quickly surpassed the number of beds available. There are women from the prairie provinces of all ages and ethnic backgrounds at Okimaw Ohci Healing Lodge for women.

Edmonton Institution for Women opened in 1995 and was built to house 123 women. However, the numbers of women sentenced to federal time quickly surpassed the number of beds available. There are women from the prairie provinces of all ages and ethnic backgrounds at Edmonton Institution for women.

Bail Verification and Supervision Program

Bail Program Brochure  [PDF file]

  • Quinn Saretsky  -- Supervisor
  • Michelle Petiquan  -- Bail Worker
  • Andrea McLeod -- Bail Worker

The Prairie Regional Advocate

The Regional Advocate is a key person within the regional structure of the federal prisons located in the Prairie Provinces. This person may assist the prisoners in day to day issues or assist with larger administrative and policy issues within the federal prison system. The Regional Advocate acts as a voice for the region in facilitating discussion, resolving issues within federal prisons, and assisting in dealing with issues within the region, and flagging issues and cases for national attention.

How To Contact The Provincial Re-integration Worker or the Prairie Regional Advocate

Stephanie Reinheimer is the Provincial Re-integration Worker, and Tracy Booth is the Prairie Regional Advocate. To contact Cheryl you can email, and to contact Tracy by email write to You can contact either Stephanie (ext. 230) or Tracy (ext 222) by telephone at 204-589-7335 in the local calling area, or toll free at 1-800-582-5655.

If leaving a message please be sure to provide a telephone number where you can be reached.